colloidal silver therapy for lyme disease

IV Silver Therapy for Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment

Scott Brandt, M.D. IV Nutrients, IV Silver

IV nutrient therapy offers treatment benefits for a large number of medical conditions.  We have begun to offer IV silver therapy for Lyme disease treatment.  Silver is a natural remedy that dates as far back as 1000 BC when Persian king Cyrus used silver vessels to treat water for drinking.

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Silver solutions have been approved by the FDA since the 1920’s for the treatment of a variety of infections. Silver can be used to treat infections as simple as the flu, but has shown its most dramatic affects in the treatment of Lyme disease.

How Does IV Silver Therapy Work?

IV silver kills Lyme through oxidation and alkylation. Oxidation is used to kill germs. Our cells have a well-developed antioxidant system that protects them from oxidation, whereas bacteria, fungus and viruses have no such protective systems.  Oxidative treatments such as high dose IV vitamin C and IV silver are excellent adjunctive therapies for Lyme disease. While there is a risk of germs developing a resistance to antibiotic treatment, germs do not have the same ability to build a resistance to oxidation. Thus, oxidation is a very effective means of destroying unwanted germs.

Silver compounds that have very small particle sizes are the most potent type of silver therapy. These particles are termed nanoparticles and have a very large surface to volume ratio. This allows more free silver ions to be available, and a greater surface area for the silver to generate its oxidative actions for killing Lyme.

Silver Hydrosol vs. Colloidal Silver

Silver hydrosol, which is simply silver particles suspended in pure water, is the safest and most potent composition. It contains no silver proteins or stabilizers. The introduction of nanoparticles eliminated the concerns that are typically associated with colloidal silver, such as argyria (turning blue), convulsions and GI side effects.

Due to the small size and large surface area, much smaller doses of silver nanoparticles are necessary for medical efficacy, which further increases safety.

lyme disease natural treatment option

The Affect of Silver on Bacteria

Silver nanoparticles penetrate bacterial cell walls, causing structural changes to them. It also increases membrane permeability, which leads to bacterial cell death. Silver inhibits biofilm formation, which allows for the destruction of antibiotic resistant bacteria. The silver nanoparticle enhances drug delivery through the protective biofilm, further reducing the virulence of the infection. Silver nanoparticles also have strong antifungal and antiviral properties as well. Virulent bacteria such as Borrelia Burgdorferi, the cause of Lyme disease, produce endotoxins that further damage joints, tissues, and organs, which can cause pain and inflammation. Silver nanoparticles aid in the removal of these endotoxins in addition to the damaging affect on biofilm.

Is IV Silver Therapy a Safe Option to Treat Lyme Disease?

Silver is a heavy metal, but its clinical effects are opposite to that of the poisonous metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury. The margin of safety for silver is far greater than for the other heavy metals and its toxic dose is significantly greater than these other metals. All patients with Lyme disease should undergo heavy metal testing prior to silver treatment as certain heavy metals can be very immunosuppressive and decrease the effectiveness of silver treatment.

IV silver offers an excellent, well-tolerated, safe approach to the treatment of Lyme disease. By disrupting biofilm formation, reducing endotoxins, and destroying microbial replication and virulence, silver plays a powerful role in the complex treatment of chronic Lyme disease, often reducing chronic lyme disease symptoms and improving a patient’s health and well-being.

*Individual patient results may vary. Contact us today to find out if IV silver treatments may be able to help you.

Next Step

If you believe you or someone you care about could be a candidate for IV silver therapy for chronic lyme disease treatment, please contact us today.

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John Beeman
John Beeman
23:05 08 Jan 17
I just wanted to give an update regarding the stem cell procedure performed by Dr. Brandt at Thrive about 3 years ago. My range of motion continues to improve--remarkable at 64.I skied 150k in 5 days last week and never iced my knee once. I can't remember skiing that many feet w/out having to ice in the last 20 years. The knee treated has been without an acl since I was 18 and is pretty severely arthritic,but I am getting better performance now than I have in recent memory. Thank you, Dr. Brandt!!
Laurel Wilkerson
Laurel Wilkerson
21:22 08 Aug 16
Great job by the Thrive MD team in Edwards. With a torn achilles tendon, I was really opposed to surgery. When I discovered Dr. Brandt and team, I was thrilled. They are most professional and explained every step of the process and procedure for treatment options. I am on the road to recovery, and I am so thankful to have discovered Thrive. Before you let an orthopedic doc operate, take the time to explore and discuss stem cell therapy. Thrive MD made the process easy and convenient. Thanks! One year later update - ankle is doing great. Skied 52 days in 2015-16. Hiking, biking and all are no problem. Great team of caring people who know their business.
Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris
15:59 02 Jan 17
After struggling with an Achilles injury for 1 1/2 years and trying everything to heal it - steroid, physical therapy, wearing a boot, no activity, stretching, etc - I decided to have stem cell therapy at It was a short procedure and an afternoon of post op recovery, which after 6-8 weeks, resulted in a full recovery from my injury. This seemed to finally stimulate blood flow and healing to an injury I had resigned myself to having forever. I highly recommend this procedure for tendon injuries like this one.
John Reilly
John Reilly
13:44 04 Nov 16
I saw Dr Brandt on 8/8/16 for a lower back stem cell injection. From the injection, I got a serious infection in my lower spine. As a result, I spent 2 days in the Vail hospital and have been on daily IV antibiotics for the past 8 weeks. A few weeks after the injection, I started feeling increased pain which was a different pain than before my injection. It was much sharper and a shooting pain. I communicated this information to Dr Brandt and his staff. There only response and treatment was stronger pain meds. oral and injected steroids (the worst thing to do when an infection is present). The pain became so intense and debilitating, I finally made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. Their team quickly discovered from listening to my symptoms and reviewing a new MRI that I had an infection. I also discovered from a search on DORA that over the past 13 years Dr Brandt's has a history of incidents with the DORA which regulates medical professionals. Over this time, his license was suspended for a period of time and is he currently practicing on probation through 2019. At one point, the AG said he was unfit to practice medicine.
Zvezdomir Zamfirov
Zvezdomir Zamfirov
03:55 14 Nov 16
I am a pain management physician myself. I am 52, and physically very active. I still play soccer competitively. Six months ago I suffered a hip injury with a labrum tear. Due to the pre-existing wear and tear, the only conventional treatment, which was offered to me was total hip replacement. I wanted to remain physically active and continue to play sports, so I decided that this is not the best option for me. I choose instead to try stem-cell therapy. Ten days ago I had my procedure done by Dr. Brandt, and since then I have nothing but positive things to say about him and his practice. Everyone in his office was extremely welcoming and put me at ease and comfort about my procedure. The procedure went very smooth. And I did not have ANY post procedure pain or discomfort. I had no need for any pain medication. I was back to work seeing patients on the 2nd day after the procedure. My hip already feels noticeably better. I have the second procedure scheduled in four weeks, and I am confident that in another 3-4 weeks I'll be back playing soccer again. Thank you, Dr. Brandt and team for taking such excellent care of me.
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