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Knee Injections – Why Stem Cells Are the Answer

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ThriveMD is Colorado's leading stem cell clinic with a large pool of satisfied stem cell patients. With facilities in Vail and Denver, severe knee pain, caused by injuries or wear and tear from activities such as golf or skiing, is one of the most common conditions we treat. Stem cell knee injections are becoming a popular answer to resolving acute and chronic knee pain. Share this post:Why Patients Seek Out Knee InjectionsKnee pain is one of the most common reasons patients seek out consultation with their family doctor or an orthopedic surgeon. ...
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Radiofrequency Lesioning to Augment the Treatment of Knee and Back Pain

Scott Brandt, M.D. Stem Cell Therapy, Stem Cells for Back Pain, Stem Cells for Facet Joints, Stem Cells for Knee

At ThriveMD, we actively work with our patients to find the best ways to minimize pain and maximize function allowing them to live active lifestyle at any age. Radiofrequency lesioning (RFL) is yet another service we offer our patients to meet the goal of reducing knee and spinal pain. Share this post:What Is Radiofreqency Lesioning Radiofrequency lesioning (RF or RFL) is also know as radiofrequency nerve ablation. RFL  is a procedure that mitigates pain by temporarily destroying nerves responsible for the sensation of pain. How Radiofrequency Lesioning Works Many areas ...
hormone level testing

The Benefits of Proper Hormone Level Testing

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Patients living in communities such as Vail and Denver, Colorado are often active well into their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. To ensure these patients have the added boost needed to stay mentally and physically fit, I recommend regular serum testing. Hormone level testing is important to ensure patients are not only feeling good in their day to day life, but are also achieving the long term health benefits provided by BHRT. After initial pre-treatment testing is done and a regimen of BHRT has begun, levels should be re-tested approximately six weeks later, once …

stem cells for low back pain due to degenerative disc disease

Stem Cells for Low Back Pain Due to Degenerative Disc Disease – Avoiding Back Surgery

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Degenerative disc cartilage is a primary cause of debilitating low back pain. Nearly 75% of adults will suffer from low back pain severe enough to keep them out of work at some point in their life. Bed rest, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, analgesics, bracing, epidural steroids and other conservative modalities are the first line treatments for resolving back pain. When these measures are unsuccessful, treatment often progresses quickly to a surgical solution. Typically, this involves fusion surgery or lumbar disc replacement. Both of these surgeries are very invasive procedures which are fraught with potential morbidity, long painful …

which estrogen is right for me

Which Estrogen Is Right for Me?

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Benefits of Estrogen Replacement Therapy By far and away, the number one cause of female death is heart disease. Both topical and oral forms of estrogen help to diminish the risk of heart disease. I prefer to treat patients using oral bioidentical estrogen due to its added heart benefit which is a metabolic breakdown product produced in the liver. This metabolite, matrix metalloproteinase, helps to not only prevent plaque, but also to remove plaque that is already present in the coronary arteries. If estrogen replacement therapy is started within the …

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Stem Cell Therapy for Degenerative Disc Disease

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Current Therapies for Degenerative Disc Disease Current options for therapy for degenerative disc disease range from non-invasive therapeutic exercise to more invasive surgical procedures. In the following couple years, we believe we will see autologous stem cell injections become an effective, frequently employed modality that will greatly contribute to the minimally invasive treatment options. Stem Cells Are Changing Medicine Stem cell therapies are a fascinating addition to modern medicine and are showing enormous potential to treat a wide range of conditions. They demonstrate the ability to treat many musculoskeletal conditions, …

health benefits of tickle lipo

4 Health Benefits of Tickle Lipo

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1. Reduction in Harmful Blood Fat After Tickle Lipo A plastic surgery study by World of Health Online quoted in LA Times suggests “the cosmetic procedure that removes fat from well-padded areas of the body may also reduce harmful fat circulating in the blood.” Serum triglycerides, were reduced by 43% among patients suffering from high triglyceride levels. The reduction is significantly greater than what is commonly achieved by cholesterol -lowering drugs. The findings support other studies claiming that fat deposited underneath the skin, which can be removed by Tickle Lipo, …

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Reported Risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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The Studies Testosterone replacement studies that recently made news and received ample attention were published in PLOS One in January 2014, JAMA in November 2013, and the NEJM in July 2010. The studies reported an increase in cardiac risks and higher rate of heart attacks in patients undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. The PLOS One study is the most recent of the studies mentioned above and gained national coverage in the New York Times. After reading these recent studies, one might reconsider undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. Then why is testosterone replacement …


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Streamlined and Efficient Path to Achieving Fitness Goals Sigma’s mission is to provide clients a more streamlined, personalized and efficient path to achieving their fitness goals. Instead of providing direction based solely on training and exercise, Sigma also incorporates a strong emphasis on an individual’s nutrition and metabolism. Founder of Sigma Coaching Benjamin Stone is an active runner, mountain and road cyclist, adventure racer, triathlete, and rower. As the founder of Sigma, he has a refined belief that the most efficient method of training lies in the profound understanding of the …